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First Meeting of the National Energy Commission

Date: February 06, 2013
Domain:Public Utilities
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - Feb 6, 2013: The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Dr. Rashid Beebeejaun, yesterday presided over the first meeting of the newly-created National Energy Commission (NEC) in Port Louis. The second meeting is scheduled for Friday 8 February 2013, where a timetable will be worked out in view of the works of the commission.

The NEC’s objectives are to review national energy requirements, to advise Government and other authorities concerned in the planning and execution of major projects in the Energy Sector to fully meet medium and long terms needs, and to oversee the operation of the Maurice Ile Durable (MID) Fund. It is Mr Dharam Dev Manraj, Senior Adviser, Project Management and Delivery Unit, Prime Minister’s Office, who is acting as Chairman of the NEC.

The other members of the NEC are the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities, the director of the Mauritius Research Council, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mauritius, the representative of the MID commission, the director of Environment, the director of the Central Electricity Board, the director of the Joint Economic Council, a representative of the Ministry of Finance, and a representative of the Attorney General’s office. The Principal Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities will act as secretary of the NEC.

In line with the Governmental Programme 2012-2015, Government action will focus on the Sustainability, Efficiency and Accessibility strategy (SEA). The Power Sector Expansion Plan is being implemented to provide a reliable electricity supply using least cost clean technologies including affordable renewable energy sources. Measures will also be implemented to promote energy saving and efficiency at all levels.

Moreover, a Master Plan for Renewable Energy will be finalized. As announced in the Government Programme, production of electricity through wind turbines of 30 MW will be fed into the national grid in 2013. Small Independent Power Producers will be encouraged to increase the renewable energy mix.

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