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National Identity Card Conversion Phase Kicks off On October 1

Date: September 27, 2013
Persona: Citizen; Government

GIS - 27 September, 2013: The National Identity Card (ID) conversion phase kicks off on October 1st 2013 and will be completed by September 2014. The Project Director of the Mauritius National Identity Scheme (MNIS), Mr Rao Ramah, Mr. G. Pavaday of the Central Informatics Bureau, and Mr V. Saurty, Principal Civil Status Officer met the press yesterday at La Flore Restaurant in Port Louis.
Addressing the media, Mr Ramah recalled that the conversion is mandatory for all Mauritians who hold an ID card and that the current ID card will not be valid after September 2014. The conversion exercise will be done by a call-by-age exercise which will allow a quicker matching of records and ensure that all operations run smoothly, he said.  The number of people by age group is as follows: between 18 to 22 years (92 000); 23 to 33 years (211 000); 34 to 44 years (200 000); 45 to 55 years (205 000); and 56 years and above (237 000).
Mr Saurty pointed out that a person applying for the new card will have to report to one of the 10 Conversion centres in Goodlands, Port Louis, Flacq, Rose-Hill, Bambous, Quatre Bornes, Vacoas, Mahebourg, Chemin Grenier and Ebene. These centres will not exist beyond the 12-month conversion period, he said. Four additional National Identity Card centres will also be operational at Mahebourg, Goodlands, Rose Hill and Port Louis to cater for anyone who will turn 18 years old and those citizens living abroad but are coming to Mauritius after the conversion period.
Moreover, 10 mobile vans will be operational across Mauritius for disabled persons who are registered at the Ministry of Social Security and for big firms which have expressed the wish to have the conversion done at their workplace. The conversion phase which kick offs in Rodrigues in January 2014 will be carried out at Port Mathurin and La Ferme.
In case a card is lost during the conversion period, it has to be reported to the police within seven days. The card holder should call at the NIC centre to deactivate the card and apply for a new one. The fees for the replacement of lost card are as follows: first application Rs 350, second application Rs 700 and third and consequent applications Rs 1 000. Any application for lost identity card for persons aged 60 and above, or in receipt of invalid’s basic pension is Rs 200.
Government Information Service, Prime Minister’s Office, Level 6, New Government Centre, Port Louis, Mauritius. Email: Website:
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