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                     Origin Of Prison in Mauritius

          Mauritius has been colonised several times.

People      Period Name
Portuguese 16th Century llha do Cirno
Dutch 1598-1658 Mauritius
French 1715-1810 Ile de France
English 3/12/1810- 12/03/1968 Mauritius

It has no aboriginal inhabitants.  The population is of European, Chinese, Indian and African descent.

Thus, it is multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-lingual.

The Dutch made this country anagricultural colony and introduced cane, tobacco and indigo.  They brought convicts to assist them as labourers.  It is inferred, therefore, that the origin of prison can be traced back to the Dutch settlement. 

The French, too, made use extensively of miscreants from European Prisons to improve the agricultural industry.  In 1737, under the governorship of Mahé de Labourdonnais, law was regimented.  Ever since, construction of prisons for the maintenance of law and order had gained resonance.  In all the districts of Mauritius, a regional prison known as ?Le Bargne? was established.

On 3 December 1810 the English conquered the country from the French and further developed the Prisons Service.  The introduction of Industrial School, Borstal Institution and Open prison are attributed to them.  It can be safely placed on record that the present Prison system is an evolution of the English Penal System.

With independence, the Republic of Mauritius has developed its own identity and culture. This is also true of the Mauritius Prisons Service.




Last Updated: 16 January 2013