Errors, Omissions and Anomalies Committee

Terms of Reference of E.O.A.C


i. receive through the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms representations from staff associations, trade unions, public officers, local government officers, officers of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly, officers employed by parastatal and statutory bodies and employees of private secondary schools and/or their representatives regarding errors, omissions and alleged anomalies arising out of the recommendations made in the PRB Report 2013;

ii. examine such representations and make recommendations thereon, as appropriate; and

iii. Determine in light of such representations the extent to which it is appropriate, necessary and advisable to modify the reports of the PRB and to accordingly make such other additional recommendations.

3. The Committee will have its set at the 8th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis and will submit its report by 29 March 2013 to the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms. In making its recommendations, the Committee shall take into account the broad parameters laid down at paragraph 1.4 of the PRB Report 2013 (volume 1), which are reproduced below:-

(a) the changes in economic environment, economic performance and the need for increased productivity;
(b) the economic and financial development of the country;
(c) the capacity of the Government to pay;
(d) the remuneration trends in the economy and market realities;
(e) the government policies for adopting performance management principles and improving service delivery in the Public Sector;
(f) the need to attract, recruit, motivate and retain qualified high calibre candidates, particularly those with wide experience and scarce talents;
(g) the need to maintain an acceptable salary ratio of General Worker to Permanent Secretary;
(h) the need to partially bridge the gap between the Public Sector and the Private Sector at the appropriate levels of the echelon to facilitate recruitment and retention of required talents;
(i) the need to establish fair relativities to maintain harmonious employee relations;
(j) the need to maintain relativities and differentials in reward commensurate with responsibilities;
(k) the erosion of purchasing power since the 2008 Pay Review;
(l) the unparalleled job security, pension benefits, work-life balance and status provided by public sector jobs;
(m) the need to ensure that there is equal pay for work of equal value (i.e eliminating inequity); and
(n) the need to strike the right balance – to provide an adequate pay package while ensuring sustainability and social acceptability, among others.

4. The Committee while considering the submissions received through the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms may also hear the authors of submissions and/or their representatives.


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