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Independent Commission Against Corruption
Independent Commission Against Corruption
“With the Community and all stakeholders including the Government and the Press , the ICAC is committed to making corruption socially and morally unacceptable in our society through a culture of integrity, public intolerance against corruption and public confidence in the fight against corruption and effective law enforcement.”
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Marine Road,
Near Quay D Round About,
Port Louis
  Phone : 206 6600  
  Fax   : 217 1597 (CPED)
217 1656 (CID)
217 1643 (ADM)
217 1660 (LEGAL)
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Career Opportunities
Recruitment of Personnel

Recruitment of personnel is carried out in strict compliance with Section 24 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002, as subsequently amended.  Section 24 lays down strict procedures that have to be followed by the ICAC in recruiting staff.


Job vacancies are advertised in the Government Gazette as well as in at least 3 daily newspapers having a wide circulation in Mauritius.  All of the applications are duly considered before a shortlist of the best qualified candidates is called for interview.

The Commission establishes the salaries, wages, allowances and conditions of employment of its officers, with the approval of the Parliamentary Committee.

A person recruited as ‘officer’by the Commission is not deemed to be employed in a public office.  However, the Commission may, with the approval of the relevant Service Commission, recruit a public officer or an officer of a local authority on contract.  In the alternative, the Commission also has the option of ‘making use of the services’of a police officer or other public officer designated for that purpose either by the Commissioner of Police or the Head of the Civil Service.

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