Online Resource for Cambridge maths teachers


The University of Cambridge International Examinations, in cooperation with Doublestruck, market leaders in creating databases of assessment material and innovators in education, has recently launched a new online resource for Cambridge Maths teachers. 


The Cambridge Qkit provides practising teachers with easy-to-use, subject specific databases of CIE examination questions.  The software saves teachers’ time by easing the construction of assessments in Mathematics for use in the class.  Apart from helping in the design of assessments, the Cambridge Qkit also enables teachers to compile their own topic tests, mock exams, revision materials and other related assignments to print or project for class teaching.  The Cambridge Qkit is available for the following subjects:


·         A Level Applied Mathematics

·         A Level Pure Mathematics

·         IGCSE Mathematics

·         O Level Mathematics


An online demonstration of the Qkit for each of the above subjects can be downloaded for free from the official Cambridge Qkit website (  The full software contains over 350 questions with their related mark schemes and examiner’s comments.  It has been specifically designed for teachers to find questions to support their schemes of work in delivering the CIE syllabus and to prepare students for examination.  Each database package costs £75.00 (+VAT).  The Qkit is readily available and can easily be purchased online.


Visit the Cambridge Qkit website ( for more details.