Mauritius - Mozambique

Bilateral Relations


Mozambique's main exports are citrus fruit, coal, copra, cotton, manufactured and agricultural products, cashew nuts, sea food, sugar, tea, coffee and timber. Its main countries of exports are Zimbabwe, South Africa, Spain, India and Portugal. Its imports consist of chemical products, consumer goods, crude oil, electrical appliances and parts, farm equipment and spare parts and metal and metal products. Mozambique imports mainly from UK and South Africa.

Mauritius-Mozambique trade relations are on the low side and suffer from an imbalance. Imports consist mainly of tropical woods, coal and cotton fibre. Exports comprise paints, plastics, polymers, iron/steel tubes, cotton fabrics. While both Mozambique and Mauritius are party to the SADC Trade Protocol, it is only as from 2012 that Mauritius will be able to take advantage of full tariff liberalisation in Mozambique.

Although our exports to Mozambique registered a fall during the past years, opportunities exist for greater exports through an aggressive marketing campaign for products such as iron and steel, pipes and tubes, medicaments, audio-tapes, footwear, printing materials, carton and boxes, electrical appliances and textile items, sugar confectionery, fertilizers, spices, edible oils, margarine and alcoholic drinks.

A greater collaboration could be envisaged between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of both countries. Promotional weeks such as Trade Fairs, Buyers-Sellers Meetings could be organized by Enterprise Mauritius and the Board of Investment to increase trade exchanges. Training facilities could also be provided to Mozambican officials in the fields of productivity, quality, marketing, export promotion through study tours and short attachment at EM, BOI and Mauritius Standards Bureau.

Air Services Agreement

In 2006, the Mozambican authorities were approached with the proposal to establish a Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) with Mauritius.

The Mauritian Aeronautical Authorities and the Civil Aviation Institute of Mozambique have held bilateral Air Service Talks in Port Louis in February 2011 leading to the signature of a MoU.


One scholarship is offered yearly at the University of Technology Mauritius to a Mozambican student provided that entry requirements are met by the student.

Mauritian Investment in Mozambique

Mauritian businessmen have heavily invested in the following sectors in Mozambique:

a) Sugar(Marromeu) The FUEL Group operates the sugar factory, the Companhia de Sena.
b) Textile (Beira) the Palmar Group operates textile factories with an annual output of 8 tons of t-shirts being exported to US under AGOA.
c) Paint Manufacturing (Maputo) The Rogers Group (Permoglaze) operates a paint manufacturing company, New Tintas 2000, since 2002 and the business activity has increased by 3 folds.
d) Poultry Project (Boane) The Happy World and Ramphul Group have invested extensively in this sector
e) Banking (Maputo) The Mauritius Commercial Bank is operating in Mozambique.
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